3 things you REALLY need to know about us

Never ones to just sit back and enjoy the sunshine, we are constantly evolving our brand and here are just three ways we’ve upped our hair game this summer.

Founder, Victoria Lynch, explains what is driving the brand “As an extensionist myself, I can understand the needs from a stylist’s perspective, and we work closely with our Super Stylists around the world to always improve our products.   A big driver for me is to improve how we work to be the best neat application and quicker to work with.”

  1. Go Pro!

Our emphasis moving forward is to support the professional extensionist and their business.   Our prices changed from 1st August and this favours professionals with a Trade Account with us.  Checking applications to ONLY professional, qualified stylists, they not only benefit from a trade discount but moving forward many products will only be available to the professional.

“We want to encourage professional application and really #LiftTheLid on great extension work.   Using a professional extensionist not only gets you the perfect colour match, safe application, as well as cut and blended hair to give you the best look.  Not to mention, those regular maintenance appointments to push the extensions back up.   This ultimately means that the extensions are looked after properly so they not only look good all the time, but they last for longer.”  Victoria Lynch.

The benefits have got better too!  Treats always flow in your orders.   Following a new stock ordering system, stylists can now see an ETA for deliveries of Out of Stock items to help them manage their client appointments a little easier.

If you have a great idea that you think will improve how we work then we are all ears, so please get in touch.

  • NEW! NEW! NEW!

If you’ve missed it, we have released a few new products so far this summer and the best bit is that it’s not over yet!    So far we have released our Master Parting and our longest length yet - 30” Luxury Weft.  These are exclusive to our professional Trade Account holders only.

We’ve also tweaked our Aftercare Range with a new improved formula and fresh strawberry and cucumber aroma that is going down a treat with our hair lovers.   Have you tried it yet?

There’s more to come and our founder has given an exclusive peek into a new product she is personally testing right now.  

We’ve also made a flutter into beauty with our Eyelashes.   With Remi Cachet girls loving their hair, lash extensions seemed like an obvious extension of the brand.  Find out more in our blog #loveyourlashes

There’s something REALLY big due this month too, but we can’t say any more than GAME CHANGER!   Our Super Stylists have had a peek already.  Stylists can see us showing all at Salon International this October too, so make sure you stop by our stand.  

Over the last 12 month’s we have also introduced Pro Tips, slimline Polyurethane (PU) top to the weft and new Clip-In Deluxe.


Fast fashion is in the news but with the quality of our hair, you really do get your money’s worth AND you can recycle it.

In the last 12 months we have sourced higher-grade hair for our Elegance Range and although we made the move to say that our hair should now last 12months (previously 9 months), many of you share your hair stories of maintenance at even 2 years, refitting the hair yet again as it is in such great condition.  This is down to a combination of the hair quality, expert application and amazing aftercare

In fact, moving forward our products are 100% recyclable.   Not only can you return your hair to our Hair Recycling Scheme to help save the world’s oceans, but our packaging is becoming smaller and fully recyclable.    Have you seen our super cute Clip-In Deluxe Box?

Our big sister, Additional Lengths, distributes our hair worldwide, and they have re-thought the shipment packaging for smaller and more recyclable materials too.   We’ve swapped the bubble wrap for the craft paper Hexcel wrap.  

There’s so much more to come over the coming months too. Excited? We are.

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