4 Festival Steals

With the current heatwave here in the UK, we can't help but look forward to the summer season of festivals.   We've had a few already and with Glastonbury just a day away, we've got four trends you need to steal from Coachella.


First Day Waves
Opt for a cute wavy hairstyle for the first day because by day three you won’t be wanting your hair down! Peyton List wore her Coachella style with subtle waves and 2 french braids from her hair line to her crown, a pretty style, with low maintenance.


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Pastel Braids
Add volume, length and colour by weaving in wool to your braids. Try any colour with this look, the best thing about is – no commitment to colour! We recommend this for second/third-day hair.

thank you to @themartyharper & @makeupvincent for making my unicorn//candy floss//mermaid dreams come true

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Highlighted Hair
Would this be a festival hair blog without mentioning a Jenner? Kylie’s Coachella locks were the most outrageous, stand-out style we saw and we kind of love it. Obviously, a wig is necessary if you really want to go this bold for the weekend!


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Zig Sag Space Buns

We love this look. The buns are a classic last-day festival style but combining our favourite things, space buns, braids, and glitter just makes it a whole load better! Add extra volume to your buns with our Wavy Wrap.

Don't forget your festival essentials like our Miracle Mist & Tangle Tamer - you're going to need them so much!

Want more inspo? Check out our top festival looks from our Super Stylists in our Ultimate Festival Hair blog.

Remember that it’s all about embracing that four-day-no-hair-wash vibe, it just makes the shower after all that more satisfying.

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