4 ideas for Stylists right now

We’ve got everything crossed for our stylists and salons to open up just as soon as Boris says so and in such anxious times, we wanted to create a little action plan to look ahead to when our businesses will boom again. With the countdown on, we've got a few suggestions to get you excited to return to the salon chair and see the next few weeks simply fly by.  


Time for that deep clean, refresh and maybe a switch around.  We know our working practises will be changing so think through what is going to make your life a little easier.  From easy cleaning to creating more space, it’s time to de-clutter and re-think how you use areas that may not be able to use like your waiting area.

Whilst the doors are closed it’s a great time to get work done too, so grab your DIY and decorating gear and set to creating a new selfie backdrop wall to show off those gorgeous transformations or creating that hair wall with our Super Ring you’ve been meaning to create like this:

Hands up who's always been a little messy on their workstation? Tidy up with our Draw Mat or an Easiweft to keep the hair nice, and storage boxes to keep your small tools tidy by maybe upcycling some up old packaging.


Keen to be able to see as many clients as possible within the rules, your column time is previous. It might be worth looking at some of our extensions that will, therefore, save you time.   Super quick Injection Tapes and our Twin Tabs will greatly the reduce the time in the chair for a full head of extensions.

For those clients who don’t want full heads of extensions or the aftercare regime that comes with them, then they want to swap for Clip-Ins.  Don’t forget our amazing Ponytail and Hair Bun too.  It's an opportunity to offer a complete service here.

For client's, they really need to get the colour match right and know they will blend well with their own hair, and not stand out as a hairpiece that will go viral for all the wrong reasons. We've all seen those images and shook our heads. Colour matching is your strength and then you can order and fit perfectly sharing the best fitting and maintenance tips not shown on YouTube, and tailor the extensions or blend with their own hair to make it all look so natural. 


Here are just four simple admin things you can so with us and they won't take you that long (we promise!):

  1. Apply for a Trade Account to get exclusive discounts and professional only products.
  2. Check you are on our Find A Stylist and that your details are correct. To be added, please use this link here or to amend please email admin@additionallengths.co.uk
  3. With our Price Rise coming on1st August, you can get your price lists, website and social media updated and maybe those extra time-saving services added.
  4. Clients booked in for a fresh set of extensions, or in need of additional aftercare products, then you can get ahead and place your orders now – just remember to edit your delivery address if you want it to head home on this occasion.   We are still working on a reduced service for processing orders so check our website for the next despatch date.


Whilst staying safe is everyone's priority, we also want our salons to remain that safe haven for clients.   The lockdown and changes to how we work and live are all a very anxious time for us, and so we want to spread some more positivity, passion for our work and creativity. Getting up with a purpose for the day ahead (and getting out of those PJs) and making our clients insta-worthy again, will start to uplift us all.  

Capture these gorgeous new looks and share to celebrate your work. If you manage to capture your client's joy at having her hair done and feeling good, then as they say 'a smile is contagious'.

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👩🏼”HAIR DOESN’T MAKE THE WOMAN BUT GOOD HAIR DEFINITELY HELPS!”💁🏼‍♀️ Day 12345 of lockdown & im still feeling so happy & confident with my hair. I’m in desperate need of a @frances_marshall toner & my extensions have grown down massively but I’m clinging onto them for dear life & taking care of them with lots of hair treatments. I’ve been testing out some new products so I’ll share my review of those with you soon ❤️. It’s amazing how much your hair can impact how you feel & while I’m always so grateful for the kindness of @remicachet hair extensions & @hjextensions for fitting my hair as a gift, ive never been more thankful than during lockdown. They’re still in amazing condition & looking lush. 🥰Self care has really helped me to feel like me, even on days where I’ve felt quite low & anxious. Following the beauty routines Im used to & love while adding in new products really makes me feel happy & in the moment. I guess it’s a bit of mindfulness & routine. I’ve found the same with exercise too. I really feel like I’m going to be coming out of lockdown fitter than I went in as I’ve been doing my walks & dance work outs little & often, which is good as I have a big charity walk at the end of the year & I’m determined to smash it! Taking care of me & spending less time online is definitely something I want to continue when life goes back to “normal”. Hope you’ve all had a lovely Saturday. We’re just watching Jurassic World now, snuggled up together 🥰. Lots of ❤️ xx • • • #rcgirl #rcgirls #remicachet #remicachetultratips #remicachetelegance #remicachethairextensions #hjextensions #whatlauraloves #selfcare #plussizebeauty

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With so much to think about and do, super keen to get back to the salon chair, it is important to keep your well-being a priority.  Many of our Super Stylists have been talking about the lockdown life giving them a new perspective and taking some time for themselves.   

For a little fun, have you seen our #FridayFun GAME ON sessions on our Instagram stories?   Join in, we'd love to see you there!

Don't forget the poem written by our founder Victoria Lynch just one month into lockdown:

When that day comes, your diaries will fill up

But during this time, we must never give up

Plan ahead and look forward to hair

When business will boom, and your bank won’t be bare

Whatever the weeks, it’s not a long time

It’s what we must do and all fall in line

They will soon pass, they will not loom

And when they do, business will boom! 

See Boom! by Victoria Lynch in full here.

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