5 Simple Haircare Tips for Winter

The colder seasons are here and, with winter fast approaching, it’s time to start paying a little more attention to your hair care routine and give your hair the extra TLC it needs to survive the coldest months of the year. Follow these top tips to keep your hair healthy throughout winter…

Wash your hair a little less. Over-washing strips your hair of its natural oils, which are vital for keeping hair moisturised and protected, and are more important during colder months. Our aftercare range is specifically formulated to have all the ingredients to nourish your hair and the extensions that need a little extra without being attached to the follicles of your head.  They also lock in the moisture to keep the locks hydrated.

See if you can extend washing your tresses by at least one more day. If you’re extra lucky and your roots aren’t looking too oily, you can get away with a spritz of dry shampoo to help, and then there’s a clever hairstyle or two to hide the fact. Find tomorrow's style here like our #RCGirlie below #PowerPony always works.

Signature Ponytails are perfect

TOP TIP: If your hair feels like it needs a freshen up, apply a quick spritz of our Hair Fragrance. It smells so good; people will think your hair is newly washed.

Use a Hair Oil Hair oils hydrate your hair, preventing breakages and helping to combat the dryness that comes with winter. They also help to keep it looking soft and shiny, which is always a bonus. We recommend applying a touch of our Hair Oil after washes, remembering to focus on the lengths and ends of your hair, and avoid your scalp.  It will help smooth the extra frizz too.

Dry your hair thoroughly. While we can get away with leaving the house with wet hair during the warmer months, this is a big no-no during winter. Cold weather causes the hair shaft to expand, increasing the likelihood that your hair will break, whilst also speeding up how quickly your colour fades. This is even more imperative with the bonds of your hair extensions as the water penetrates the bond and disintegrates them. 

TOP TIP:  Protect your hair from the cold and drying winds by tucking it into your jumper or scarf to create that fake bob style. On super cold days then opt for a warm hat, just take it on and off gently not to displace your bonds.

Turn down the heat. While you know we love a sleek, straight look or a set of mega curls, winter is the time to put your straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers to one side and rock a natural look instead. Applying heat to hair that is already weak, as it is during cold weather, worsens its condition and draws moisture from your hair, contributing to dry and damaged locks.   Invest in styling tools that turn the temperature down so you can still dry your locks but on a more reasonable setting that won’t dry your strands.

Choose a darker colour. Don’t doubt that we love a lighter hue; blonde hair is, and will always be, in. It does, however, cause huge damage to your hair. Regular bleaching drastically strips hair, leaving it brittle and lacking in moisture. Go for a more autumnal look this year and choose a darker colour for the colder seasons. Black, chocolate brown, and auburn tones are the winter trends you need to check out right now, and will also mean less dying, less bleaching, and happier hair.   And don’t forget our colours where you can use the lighter shades to highlight your hair without the bleach tub.

Here's a little darker inspiration ...


Don’t let winter get the better of you this year, be prepared with these tips, so that when March arrives again, there will still be a spring in your hair and not just in the air!

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