7 lockdown looks

The days are all merging into one and your enthusiasm to do anything with your hair is starting to dwindle, so we’ve got you covered for the next seven days with these styles and some extra styling tips to help put the fun and glam back into your do.


We are taking you right back to your childhood now, but hair twists are on-trend and so super easy.   Add a little hair oil to help secure those flyaway hairs and gently twist the hair to form different shapes.  Small hair bands and bobby pins to hand to secure the twists in place and you are good to go!   Think Issy Miyake ...

Issey Miyake twisted hair SS20


Whether you are still working, or just have lots of activities to keep you busy whilst in furlough, then the bun is your best friend to get stuff done.   The options are endless here with that low chignon aka Megan Markle or up out the way with a topknot; sleek or messy; space buns, scrunchie or scarf; there are so many ways to re-invent the bun. 

More options include opting for a half up half down bun style too, plaiting the hair and don’t miss trying this simple loop-look.

See how to create this and more buns here.


Stay with us, we are not thinking of the classic pony that takes no time at all.  Oh no we have greater plans to get more from this classic and getting you to take a little extra time.  Here are some more ideas to pimp up your pony:

  • Where to position in, low, middle, high, even on the side – seriously the 80’s are back!
  • Style the ends of the hair in the ponytail with curls, accessories and hair chalk
  • wrap some hair around the bobble
  • take a small section and do a fine plait to add to the ponytail
  • half up half down
  • Remember that hack to make your hair appear even longer?  That’s a smaller ponytail
  • Tease the hair pulled back to have more volume, maybe add a clip to create a quiff at the front
  • Sleek back for that wet look

The one to aim for this week is ...



We know you can master the basics, so now it’s really a matter of trying different things to mix it all up and plenty of practice, practice, practice to nail them. You need to follow this Nicci Welsh, and to get you going here's one to try.

As with the bun and pony, adding a little extra braid can really bring a look to life.   A simple braid to one side, or across your hairline to hold your hair back, before moving on to full crown braids. 

Who says you have to start at the top of your head, turn yourself upside down, brush and get create two plaits into space buns.

If you’ve always opted for the chunky styles, push yourself out of your comfort zone and get familiar with smaller and more intricate work to show off your locks. When was the last time you did a robe braid?

Have you tried the Tick Tok sock challenge?   It’s your cheats way of achieving …


Having extensions means that the hair will really hold a curl and now is your chance to big up your barnet.   Mega curls are possible and so much fun.    #RCGirlies AMY BAM and WHAT LAURA LOVES both regularly bring on the curls.  


If you want to get that perfect #DressUpFriday right then Hollywood Waves will get your glam on.     Beach waves, deep waves, undone waves.  Whatever you have done before, now is that time to get your straightening skills on par with any hairdresser.

The possibility with tools is endless here so head to the likes of ghd for guidance on how to achieve these looks and which straightener/curler you need.


If it’s a symbol of bring calm and control to your life, and with these turbulent times, getting those straighteners out and spending some me-time might just be what you need today. Channel your inner Kim Kardashian.

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Don’t forget your heat protector before you start, and taking small sections and using your comb first, and to go before your irons, will help create the pristine look you crave.   Once styled, they should last a few days too, so to mix this up in the days to come, maybe play with your parting a little or opt for a sleeked back look for day two. If in doubt you can always …


Blinging up may have been the last thing you’ve thought about recently but rummage in your dresser and re-discover your favourite pieces.  They will effortlessly make it look like you have, in fact, made an effort and planned for that Zoom meeting.  

If you’ve got some summer scarves you hardly ever wear, then you can work them into your hair either in a plait, headband or holding that bun in place to brighten your style.  Another option is spare ribbon will add that little bit of class to your ponytail and braids too, and not a school playground insight. 


Most of all, have fun with your hair.  Spend a little extra time each day not just caring for your hair in lockdown but enjoying it, roots, split ends and all; and don’t forget to share your snaps with your stylist and us by adding #RCSelfie when we are all able to get back to our salons.

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