7 practical tips for caring for your hair extensions whilst in lockdown

Whilst looking your best might not be top of your list if you are not leaving the house and living mostly in your PJ’s, but unless you happen to be in lockdown with your favourite extensionist you really to up your hair care game.  It’s more YOU time and that can’t be bad.  For those of you who were heading towards their next maintenance session, we’ve got some extra advice you are really going to live by.

The lockdown might have slowed your pace of life down, but your haircare regime gives you that routine you need to see you through, and a little extra TLC never goes to waste.   

Brush your hair regularly, especially if wearing it down, and always before washing your hair.  Always start by gently gathering and holding your hair in a ponytail, to brush the knots from the ends of the hair, before brushing from the mid-lengths down, and finally from the tops, being careful over the bonds. Hold and support your hair to prevent snagging.  Don’t forget to clean your hairbrush regularly too.  

Washing Absolutely don’t leave your bonds to dry naturally, but always thoroughly dry them on a low-temperature setting.  If hassle-free beach waves are the look you want, then add some hair oil to the lengths and ends before plaiting and leaving the lengths to dry naturally. 

Treatments are so tempting and before you dive into your bottom draw for the array of please remember that not all products are suitable for hair extensions. Not only could they deteriorate the bonds but also affect the colour and condition of the bonds.  To avoid a hair emergency, stick to the products you know are okay with your hair and maybe either leave your hair conditioner on the ends longer or use hair oil to nourish and hydrate your tresses.

Individually bonded hair extensions need separating regularly to prevent matting. So, whilst catching up on those Netflix boxsets is an ideal time for this.  Your hairdresser will thank you for the extra effort you put in here.

Styling hold off the heat and give your hair a longer break.  With a little more time on your hands, have fun re-creating some hair tutorials and master the braids you’ve only ever thought of the pros being able to achieve.  Just remember to not pull them too tight to strain the bonds.  Practice makes perfect and by the time we are all out of this, you can show off your new skills.    Here are some great videos to get you started.  …


If you have a full free day try this ...

Tie your hair up for exercise and bedtime to prevent your bonds from moving too much, putting a strain on the bonds and matting the hair. 

Where you are due for maintenance soon, don’t panic there are a few simple extra hair care steps you can take:

  • If separating your bonds is tricky for you, ask your housemate to help to ensure they have teased apart especially areas you cannot see yourself.  
  • To prevent matting, consider tying your hair up more than normal during the day.   This is helpful if you are one of those people who play or flick their hair a lot without realising it.  However, we recommend avoiding tying up on top of your head and try styles that flow with the direction of your hair such as low ponytails.
  • For weft wearers, the most vulnerable points are at each end of the weft, so be mindful not to catch these.
  • You may need to be more careful whilst washing your hair and never use a scrubbing motion on the scalp to wash or dry your hair.  

These additional steps should see you through these few weeks in lockdown to then get back into your extensionist’s chair for professional removal and your maintenance appointment. 

If you want specific haircare advice, then get in touch with your extensionist and they will be happy to help as they know your hair and your extensions.   Talk to your stylist about getting booked back in for maintenance, and how they are planning to manage this, so that you are comfortable with how it will work and get booked back in as soon as possible, supporting your stylist too. 

Now you’ve got your hair back on track, you can focus on your insta-worthy profile and don’t forget to tag us in and use #RCSelfie to get featured on our channels too.

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