A real life hair discolouration miracle cure

We do love to hear feedback, so when we received this lovely review, we had to get in touch with Sophie to ask more and share with you the real, true discolouration hair nightmare.

But this one has a happy ending (spoiler alert!).

Sophie is the owner of Seapony Hair in Portobello, Edinburgh, and has two-years experience working with ourselves. Here, she shares her client's hair journey:

Ten weeks ago, we applied 3 packs of 18" Remi Cachet Elegance Tapes, in colours 7/20, 55/60 and 55.  My client has been wearing tape extensions, fitted by myself, for 2 years now and has never had an issue. She has good maintenance and aftercare, so when she got in touch just 6 weeks later with bright orange patches all over the hair, it was quite alarming. I hadn’t seen this reaction before, and when I had seen her 2 weeks previously for her maintenance, all was totally fine. So, the reaction must have happened quite suddenly to her hair.

Client image of hair discolourationHair discolouration

She sent me an image of her hair and I was quite worried as to what was happening to her beautiful, ash-blonde hair extensions, as they were now very warm and almost orange. I knew I had to get her in to see me ASAP to find out what was going.

My aftercare advice had always been to only use Sulphate and Paraben free shampoos, such as the Maria Nilla range, and to keep extensions out of the sun to prevent fading wherever possible. I was not really aware of the research that Remi Cachet had done on the suncream and water filtration systems and didn't appreciate the extent of the problem and how badly the hair would be affected.

I got in touch with educator Phil Tapping who shared lots of information with me on this and the step by step video showing how to fix the issue with Malibu C.  I ordered it then and there. It's been very interesting learning more about the hard water and mineral build ups.

"I liked that it [the video] was so detailed and showed the peachy colour of hair that could happen from a hard water build up, and that appeared to be textbook as to what was happening with my client's hair. This immediately put my mind at ease. I found the step by step instructions very thorough and easy to follow."

When my client came in, I removed the hair extensions from her hair as I wasn’t sure how long the process was going to take and to work easily. I then cleansed them with the Hard Water Wellness Shampoo a few times, before using the Malibu C Hard Water sachets, and emulsified the crystals all over the hair. Next, I wrapped the hair in a plastic bag and towel, and left them next to some heat for just over one hour, as the video had shown me. I then washed the extensions with Maria Nilla Silver shampoo, and conditioned it with Malibu C Hard Water Conditioner. Once dried the results were amazing. Perfect extensions, back to their original colour. My client and I were both very happy, and relieved, with the final results.

Before and after hair discolouration

The Malibu C crystals lathered up and went a long way, and it really left the hair feeling super soft and in pristine condition, with a beautiful shine. I love that these products are all vegan free, which helps to preserve the hair's integrity. It really surprised me how much it worked and achieved the results of returning my client's hair back to its original cool tones.

Beautiful hair extensions

What advice would you pass on to other stylists? Don’t panic! I certainly did!  However, once the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness kit worked its magic, I have never been so grateful for this product. My client also purchased this to take home as insurance, just in case she experiences discolouration again. I now insist on this aftercare for all my clients, especially those going on holiday, and warn my clients to avoid contact with sunscreens to prevent any possible discolouration. Being able to show them these images really helps to show them this really does happen and that they need the right aftercare.  The sachets are a real hair saver!

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