All Eyes on You

So excited that we are venturing into BEAUTY too.  Well, we don’t just want our hair to look good, do we?  So today, we are introducing our range of false eyelashes we know you are just going to love.

We have two ranges - a premium Mink and a Silk version, each with eight different designs to choose from an everyday natural look, to a little more dramatic and 3D

We know you are already pretty savvy on all things beauty, so grab your falsies of choice and your lash glue (remember to leave it a few seconds to become tacky) and get ready to become a lash master with this guide from Cosmopolitan and don’t miss their guide for your eye shape.

“It’s been so exciting working on this project for a while now, and we felt that Eyelash Extensions made the perfect first venture into beauty for us.   We know many of our salons stock lashes in their retail areas for their clients to pick up a few essentials to look good.  Our range of lashes will complement the hair extensions”

Victoria Lynch,  founder of Remi Cachet

Made from premium materials and sourced using cruelty-free mink hair from our certified manufacturer. 

The eyelashes can be reused up to 6 times if cared for.   So, either shop online now to our new BEAUTY SHOP or head to your nearest Remi Cachet stylist to pick up your set to complete your look.



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