All you need to know about Clip In hair extensions

With so much choice of different types of extensions, we look at our newly designed Clip-In Deluxe to see if it has the answers to your hair woes for the perfect, instant transformation.

So how does the clip-in really work?
The new design is all about the super thin top, made from polyurethane to fit neatly and comfortably against your scalp.    The Clip-in is supplied in three pieces lengths of hair: two 12” and one 5” length, to allow you to apply them where your hair needs it most for different looks.  The clips firmly secure the hair in place.

“I love the paper-thin, lightweight, colour matched top which will make them integrate with the natural hair easily.   The new top allows us to placement the clip higher on the head, whilst still being undetectable and allows for us to customise by cutting without fear of shedding, to perfectly fit the client’s head size.”  Abigail Nicholls, International Educator and Super Stylist

Application is simple. Part the hair, gently backcombing the root area, and snap the clips in place.   Clip-In extensions can be added and removed, whenever you desire.

Clip In Deluxe

Super Stylist, Judi Selkirk of Pheonix Hair shares when and where she uses Clip-Ins in her salon:

  • Special Occasions – for that added boost of volume with 150g of hair, such as with Bridal Hair. Clips Ins give a stylist so much more hair to play with for updo’s, and if the bride is wearing their hair down, they love the additional thickness and length to look their best on their big day.    Bridesmaids, wedding guests, days at the races or any big event.
  • Younger clients need to start with Clip-Ins and these are great for spring Proms.
  • Where a client’s lifestyle / medical conditions do not recommend everyday extension wear, Clips Ins offer a great option. Similarly, as we do not recommend extensions for school-age children, this is an option for their prom night.
  • First-time extension wearers wanting to experience what they look like with more hair, but not ready for the outlay of permanent extensions or if they would take to something attached to their hair. They can see what the weight of extra hair feels like too, with less maintenance than the permanent extensions.
  • In between refit appointments, where the hair is sent for re-tipping (on hot/cold fusion application) or if they are having a little break.
  • For those wanting to avoid discolouration issues with their extensions on holiday hair, they can spend time in the pool and then apply the clip in to have beautiful hair in the evening.

See more styles with our clip-ins over on Pinterest.

Judi still encourages customers to come into a salon for their clip-ins, “we offer extensions as a professional service so that we can help with the perfect colour match, offer advice on the fitting and aftercare as well as fit and blend the clip in to look seamless in their hair.”

Use our Find a Stylist tool.

Clip In Deluxe Box


And a little hidden feature … the cute new packaging is 100% recyclable and with our Hair Recycling Scheme too, you can return the hair to us for recycling.


Shop your Clip-In Deluxe here and choose between 35 beautiful shades and 16" or 20" length. 


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