Bedtime Basics

It’s pretty hard to control how much you move around in bed once you have fallen asleep and we’ve all woken up with bed head.  Taking care of your hair extensions at night is really important for preventing the bond areas from matting, tangling your locks and, if you get it right, it can help create the perfect look for the next day.


Our Remi Cachet brushes are specifically designed for extensions, with soft bristle technology and an air-cushioned pad which glides over the bond areas and remove knots and tangles without any tugging.  Our Paddle Brush is perfect for longer lengths and the Tangle Tamer for shorter locks.  

We recommend brushing regularly throughout the day, but at bedtime, it’s important to do a really thorough brush to clean the hair and prep it.   Gather your hair into a ponytail and start by brushing the ends, before moving up the hair to brush through the mid-lengths, before finally moving up to the top of the head and scalp area, brushing all the way from the top to the ends.  Don’t forget to brush the nape of your neck area as this can get missed.


Those of you with individual bonds need to spend a little extra time to gently separate your hair and bonds to avoid matting.   This should be part of your routine a couple of times a week. Trust us when we say that your hairdresser will really thank you for doing this at your next maintenance appointment.

You may wish to re-brush your hair afterwards.


If you’ve had a bath or shower before hitting the hay, make sure your hair and, more specifically, the bond areas are thoroughly dried to prevent them from breaking down.


Similar to your skincare routine, your hair needs to be re-hydrated. Our Hair Oil absorbs into the hair and fights frizz too.  Apply the oil to the lengths and ends of the hair a couple of times a week for an added boost and to keep your tresses silky smooth.

Plaits are the best option for sleeping with hair extensions as they hold all of your hair in position, right to the ends.   Get it right, and you could have effortless beach waves for the morning too!

Just a loose plait is absolutely fine so not to pull the bonds too much, and is just enough for your hair will stay in place whilst you toss and turn.

If your hair is short, then a ponytail will work just as well and use a low-impact hair bobble such as Invisibobble to avoid additional pulling.

IMAGE CREDIT Photo by Katarina Šikuljak on Unsplash

Victoria Beckham herself rates her silk pillowcase by SLIP and who are we to disagree.  This really isn’t an indulgence, the silk reduces the friction on your hair and also reduces the creation of static and the frizz you want to avoid.   Give it a try for a good night’s sleep.

Haircare is so important to a great set of extensions and making the most from your hair, so taking the time to get your bedtime haircare routine sorted will ensure your Remi Cachet extensions are at the best for the morning, even if you’re not.

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