Bringing a whole new meaning to Sun kissed hair

Sun Awareness Week is all about the dangers of over-exposure to the sun and promoting safe behaviour.   Whilst originally created for skincare, we wanted to share some more essential sun care information just for your locks.  It’s similar to your skincare, but with a little twist.

Whilst we all want to re-create those beach -babe tresses, it is not in the best interests of your hair extensions to be really exposing them to the sunshine all the time.  Give them some TLC to ensure they look their best for longer with these essential steps:


Tie your hair up, and with so many great chunky braids you will still look the part.  Plaits have the added benefit of naturally adding those beach waves for you to wear your hair down on an evening.


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If hats are not your thing, then get on trend with some silk scarfs.   Accessorize have some beautiful ones at a really reasonable price and another fave is Oliver Bonas' hair accessories.

Limiting the amount of hair on show, will reduce the exposure of the strands to the sun preventing the break down of proteins in the hair creating dry and dull hair as well as bleaching the colour pigments.      Our girl, Sam Harvey shows us how it's done


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Before heading for a dip, ensure your hair is tied up on top of your head to avoid the hair coming into contact with the chlorine pool water or salty sea water.  These can also discolour the hair.  If your hair extensions (and coloured hair) do take a plunge; then rinse them thoroughly and make sure you have the right products to care for them.



To prevent discolouration, we really recommend Malibu C range.  They have been specifically formulated to remedy the issues associated with changes in water, including ranges for swimmers affected with chlorine, repair and also specifically hard water issues.

Originally, they were all about fixing the problem, but they now have Wellness Kits and their Hard Water kit is what we recommend for our wanderlust extension wearers.    Their Shampoo and Conditioner will remove any impurities in your hair before replenishing the strength and locking in your colour.  The pack also comes with four remedy sachets just in case you do spot any major colour changes.

It’s Sulphate, Paraben and Gluten free too.  What’s not to love?  Here's our founder Victoria raving about it.


Our Hair Oil will replenish moisture as well as lock it in preventing any further losses.  Use on wet hair after washing to rehydrate the tresses and help add shine, before blow-drying and styling.


Really, it’s just about caring for your hair a little bit more in the good weather, and that includes here, in Blighty.  In the same way, as you need to cover up with SPF before heading out the door you need to make sure your tresses are cared for too.  Your hair will ultimately look good and for longer [Pun intended].

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