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Upcoming blogger, Anna Zeller, has chosen Remi Cachet for her hair transformation ahead of the Coachella Music Festival in Palm Springs this weekend. The exclusive hair collaboration sits alongside top beauty & fashion brands as Anna vlogs and socials her style in the sunshine.  

Matching Anna up with Super Stylist, Nietta Hawxwell of Velosa Hair in Windsor; they opted for a complete colour & hair transformation.  Here's their hair story so far.

At Anna's initial colour consultation, we came to the agreement to take her hair darker.  Her hair naturally held a lot of warmth, and lifting that to an ash blonde to match the inspiration board she liked, would take lots of lifting and lots of upkeep.  We needed to ensure the colour was easy to look after, along with her extensions, and we felt that the darker shades are immune to colour fade or going brassy.

Taking control of the colour work was Abi Clawson using Wella Koleston Perfect 5/0 and 6/0 mixed half and half with 20vol, applying root to tip for 30 minutes, before rinsing.  We also added the Wellaplex treatment No. 2 for 10 minutes to preserve the natural hair and give a beautiful strength and shine.  Finally,  shampooing and conditioning with Wella's Fusion range ready for a colour match for the hair extensions. 

Having accounted for the current colour, any fade before installation and the slightly lighter tones we wanted to run through, in keeping with Coachella's summer vibes; we settled on shades 2, 4 and 4/8.   Anna and I both loved the look of the new root stretch shades but we definitely wanted to go as long as possible for Coachella, so chose base and mixed shades in 24".

At the fitting we used 240g of shades 4 and 4/8, fitted with the LA Weave method as it is quick to apply and comfortable to wear, using no glue, heat or braiding. Lying flat, this method  allows for  one or multiple braids in the hair.  It is gentle on the natural hair and can be flipped up immediately after fitting, and is easily malleable - perfect for being creative with your hair throughout Coachella.

Fitting the last row around an inch above the ear, left plenty of natural hair at the top for space buns/half up half down styles.   Then shaping the front to blend Anna's bob, and taking the weight out of the last 4-5inches of the extensions to create a soft, light, natural ends to the wefts.

Once finished,  they played with the long locks creating that festival vibe in-salon:

  • Long effortless waves using a 38mm Diva Pro Styling wand with the last few inches of hair uncurled for a more boho vibe
  • Space buns which just need a sprinkle of glitter surely
  • Plait across the crown
  • Messy top knot created with a Wavy Wrap around ponytail for an Ariana Grande inspired 'do

Before leaving, Nietta ran through the essential aftercare regime so Anna can enjoy her extensions from the festival and beyond.   The aftercare pack is the perfect addition for looking after your extensions at home and abroad- taking into account the heat and different water systems.  The Miracle Mist and Hair Oil offer fantastic protection from the elements and will keep all that hair soft and shiny.


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