Get the Look: Image of the Year 2018

Last month you guys voted in droves, and we crowned Alex Standford as the current Image of the Year winner with this stunning image.  But what we all REALLY want to know is just how this all came about.   

Having been hairdressing for 13 years, from a Saturday girl to working in-salon on P&O cruise liners around the Pacific; Alex trained in hair extensions just five years ago and decided to go it alone this year making her own salon from home.

This is the first year I have entered the Remi Cachet image of the year competition, having only voted in the previous years and I was in awe of all the amazing work.   As it’s the first year of having my own business, I knew one of my goals for 2019 was to enter and hopefully make the final.   I was so, so happy with the end look, and having previously posted it with some really great feedback about the colour and the style, I knew this had to be the image to enter.

To make it to the final was so overwhelming! I couldn’t believe my work was next to some of the biggest names in the hair extension industry, people who I respect and admire; and I had made it to the final with them! I couldn’t have been happier!

I am so thankful to every single person who took time out of their day and voted for my image.  I never thought in a million years that I would win this competition when I entered, even making the final felt amazing, so to win and to have the recognition for my work is one of the highlights of my career.  I will well and truly be celebrating with lots of Prosecco with my friends and family!

Alex shares how to get this look here:

Image of the Year before


Client: Chloe
Hair: One 20” Superweft in shade 4/18 and a 20” Full Weft in shade 9.

Image of the Year After

To create this look for my client, I used 300grams of hair in 20” length achieved by combining a Superweft and one normal weft.

Chloe wanted to keep her root darker and create an ashy balayage look without using a lot of bleach, as we have been trying to get her hair in better condition after years of pre-lightening. I used a base 4 on her roots and backcombed some very fine highlights around the base of her hair, just enough lift to tone them with a base of a 6, which matches perfectly with the lowlight in the Superweft shade 4/18.   Once applied, sewing the weft carefully in place, the weft flows down nicely and gives that gorgeous balayage effect that is so popular at the moment.  I was nervous at first about mixing the two colours together as I had not used these shades together before, but I think it came out absolutely beautifully.

Cut-wise, we kept most of the length and shaped the hair around her face to blend in with her shorter hair. We added lots of layers to keep the hair bouncy and full when blow dried or curled. We finished off the look by curling with the Pro Diva curling wand, pinning the curls in as we go, then once the curls have cooled and set, we brushed them out to give the “Hollywood” wave effect you see in the picture, smoothing out any kinks with the straighteners to give the flawless result!

My client, Chloe, has ever-changing hair and has been with me through every colour change under the sun, she first came to me with platinum blonde hair that had been over processed and damaged by bad application of extensions from a previous salon.  We have nursed her hair back to health with lots of Olaplex treatments, stepping away from the pre-lightener and learning about correct aftercare.

Keep up to date with Alex on her journey to extend her business and more of her hair creations here Instagram @alexstandfordx 


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