Hair Horrors

Halloween is upon us and whilst we crave THE best costume, makeup and hair; there are a few hair horror stories out there that lasted more than one night! The definition of a hairdresser is a hair magician but lets de bunk the hocus pocus.

Trick of Treat
If you thought colour is simple, then think again.  The potions combined to achieve the on-trend hues you crave might be a treat but they can leave some nasty tricks.

Did you see our recent social media posts with our colour changing pumpkin?

Colour is so complicated, and a good colour job needs a professional. The grey hair trend, that shows no signs of declining, is a real headache for colourists.  Changing your locks dramatically is a big process and, not wanting to damage your hair’s integrity, the process needs to be done slowly.  In stages.  Gently.   This also gives the best colour results too!

If you want to give your hair a break from the bleach, then hair extensions could be a great way to achieve this.  Flicks of a major contrasting colour, darker hues to add depth and warmth, maybe highlights and not forgeting ombre, dip dyes and balayage looks – all giving a great effect like this ...


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Tapes removal & Refit on very fine hair for Emilia

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Fright Night
If you Google 'hair extensions' you will see some frights! These scare stories are all about how hair extensions can ruin your hair and this all comes down to picking an expert – someone who uses reputable hair brands and who is trained in the art of extensions.

So, you’ve found some local extensionists, but what are you truly looking for in terms of application? We’ve seen some gruesome sights – look away now if you are easily scared 😱 for this example sent in.

Bad hair extensions

Want to know exactly what perfection looks like then follow our #LiftTheLid campaign, where you can see exactly what to look for.   Neat sections.   Neat rows.  No stray hairs.  No pulling. Extensions can move freely.  Extensions Lie in the same direction as your hair.    So, when you trawl your extensionists feeds make sure you check for their application work, not just the end look. Don’t be afraid to ask to see their qualifications too! Hogwarts certificates however don’t cut it in hairdressing we’re afraid!

Here's some great examples from some of our Super Stylists:

MICRO RINGS like Mini Tips® and Ultra Tips®:


BONDS like Flat Tips


Spell binding
Your consultation will go through aftercare and your commitment to caring for your hair. Super Stylist, Stephen Hopper, declared hair care as the single most important thing he checks when getting a new client, in our recent blog - it's a deal breaker for him!

Similarly to application, if you don’t care for your hair extensions properly you can end up with a nightmare. Hair matting is serious and not only could hurt, and pull your hair out, but when it comes to removing the extensions will create more work for the stylist to remove with as little damage as possible.

Casting a spell to create your perfect hair, may well wear off if you don’t keep up with your maintenance and stick with using the right products.

In fact here’s a short video from one of our Super Stylists, showing you the build up of products on your hair – scary stuff!

We know you want your Halloween hair to look the part, but why not let your hair shine and safe for the Christmas festivities.


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WoW Just amazing is #halloweenmakeup by #mua @victoriagrahammakeup wearing @remicachet #ultratips

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