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We know you love your hair, and our hair extensions help achieve those perfect hair goals for all your colour, length and volume dreams. But it's not just about getting your hair application and heading out the door. Nope, hairdressers are known for becoming your new BFF. Victoria Beckham flies Ken Paves around the world with her. When you find a good stylist, and especially an extensionist and hair you love, they really are a keeper - way past Valentine's Day.

Here, we asked a couple of our Super Stylists and a client for their Hair Love stories...

Client: Charlotte Hamill
Stylist: Nietta Hawxwell, Velosa in Windsor 

CH: I’ve had a complex about my fine hair for as long as I remember. I bought my first set of clip-ons when I was 17.  The best thing about having hair extensions has to be the confidence they give me. I always feel like I’m having a good hair day. Even putting my greasy hair up in a ponytail looks good! Generally, I wear it down with a loose curl, using my straighteners, but lots of high ponytails and french plaits when my roots are feeling greasy.

When you get a new set in I feel AMAZING! Literally, it’s my favourite treat. I cannot tell you how much I love my hair when Nietta does it. Her colour match is perfect so they look so natural. Her fitting is such good quality, so they last and don’t damage my hair.

Living without my extensions, well I actually find it hard not to hate my natural hair when they are removed. I’m always surprised at how long my hair is and it’s in fine condition. I like to do lots of conditioning masks!

My only regret is that I didn’t start going to her until after my wedding!

NH: I've been Charlotte's extensionist for around 3 years now. Charlotte really cares for her natural hair and takes good care of her hair extensions too. Her colour is always clean and a joy to match too. At her last appointment, we went ashier for winter and fitted 100-125 strands of Ultra and Pro Tips mixed together in shades 5-9/613, 6/22 and 7/20. Also, she keeps to her maintenance appointments and her natural hair grows out beautifully beneath her extensions.

I don't like to play favourites, but I ADORE having Charlotte in the salon. She's a breathe of fresh air. She is in tune with current events due to her work at Born Social and always takes great images of her hair to tag me in on social. I've had a few other clients come from her recommendations too, which is always lovely.  Not to mention, we can talk until sunrise about anything from Netflix crime documentaries to Brexit! We are very alike in many ways and she is a wonderful woman to know.


To bag yourself your dream extensionist, pop to our Find A Stylist page and let your hair romance begin.  


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