Inside our Super Stylist Event

Monday saw our annual Super Stylist event and this year we brought the event home to Additional Lengths in Stockton on Tees.   Previous years, we have held the event in London but as our founder, Victoria Lynch, explains

“We wanted to be able to offer the Super Stylists the unique chance to look round and see exactly where their hair comes from and meet all the team they speak to regularly.”

Stylists travelled from all over the country to make it to the day, and with the bad weather, Abigail Nicholls and Tom Piper went to great lengths to ensure they were there when their plane was cancelled they swapped to a 4x4 to get to a train station and then make the full journey from Exeter by rail!

Welcoming our newest Super Stylists the day is all about networking and making “hairy new friends.”   The Super Stylists are aware of each other through a private Facebook Group created by us and are huge supporters of each other's work and everyday challenges of being a hairdresser so it’s great to put a face to the name.

The day also included a magician, news update from Victoria and discussion on issues in the industry, exclusive first look at the product development and insights into the future plans for the brand, before taking a tour of the Additional Lengths facilities and enjoy a scrumptious feast whilst catching up with old and new friends.

Super Stylist Event

Most of the Super Stylist day is shrouded in secrecy whilst the brand releases the latest products. The 22” Tape Injection Tape hair was the first of a line of products that will be available to everyone else soon, the Super Stylists get the exclusive on these and input into future plans.

All Super Stylists took home a coveted goody bag of treats, prizes they won on the day and one of the new products.   The day was covered on Instagram Stories but you can see some of the stylist's posts here too.


Awesome day as usual at the @remicachet @additional_lengths annual Super Stylist event! Some super top secret stuff is coming that I know a lot of you are going to LOVE and I can’t wait to be able to share it with you, but for the time being 🤐... Thanks for all the prezzies @vickylynch77 😍💛 . . . . #remicachet #superstylist #hairessmanes #hair #hairextensions #goodies #gifts #love

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