Meet Super Stylist Denise Hopwood

Based in Wigan, Lancashire, Denise Hopwood owns Hotlocks. Although she couldn't make our Super Stylist event last month as she was enjoying a well deserved holiday, she has got back to us on our quick-fire questions.  

We know you are SS for each method, so tell us your favourite Remi Cachet product.

I love the Flat Tips, they're by far my most popular method. I think they’re amazing for any hair, from fine to thick. I like that you can customise the bonds, and cut them in half to quarters or even attach them to tiny hair strands, which is great for side panels. I love the way they move; they look more natural. Oh, and I also love the way you can create cylinder bonds or flat bonds with them.

What does it mean to be a Super Stylist? 

Being a Super Stylist is brilliant. It's recognition for great work, and you get to know all the fantastic things that Remi Cachet bring to the market first. I feel very honoured to hold the title!

Best piece of advice for a client looking into hair extensions

When you decide to have hair extensions, book a consultation and ask as many questions as you can. Make sure that your comfortable with the hair extensionist who is going to be fitting your hair extensions and that they are going to fulfil your requirements. Having a good relationship with them is going to be is so important. Remember, that you’re going to be there for a few hours, and it's going make you feel amazing when you leave. Don't forget our aftercare instructions and aftercare products as they are your lifeline to great looking hair extensions.

Tell us about a client transformation, where extensions really have changed their life

Oh, I could tell you tonnes. Every client transformation I do changes someone’s life. It really is the best job in the world to have, and my clients are like an extended family to me.

What tool can you not live without?

I couldn't live without my heat connectors. I always have a stock of 10 in at any one time, as I go through quite a lot. I like them to be clean and free from adhesive, once they start getting adhesive build up I tend to just chuck them away.
Tell us a little about your salon

I love my little salon. I have recently just moved house so my salon is now in my home. It's a medium-sized room and is decked out in white. I adore it; minimalistic, clean and tidy, just the way I like it.

I work on a one-to-one basis, so just me and my client. It’s private, confidential and with the help from my new gadget “Alexa”, it’s got great music too. Clients are comfortable, relaxed and happy when they leave. I have lovely feedback on our new salon and I am loving it.

Check out some pictures here.

Any niggles about the hair industry you would love to change?

I absolutely detest the training companies that offer six methods in one day and online training. My advice would be to find a reputable training company who has Educators, and do one method at a time. Do your research and don't fall into the trap of believing that you’re going to become a millionaire by doing six methods in one day - it just does not work and these training companies shouldn’t be offering this.

Let's have a look at some of your work

Before & After Super Weft 20" Colour 2

And on a personal note:

What's your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is eating out far too often. I've had to put a ban on myself at present as I was doing it far too much.

On a rare day off, what do you love to do?  I love to spend time with my dogs out walking and with family.

Any goals for 2018  I've already done the Volumiser Integration Mesh System, so to add to this I am going to London to learn the Micro Parting. This will be ideal for clients who have very fine hair or thinning on the parting, who are not suitable for the Volumiser.


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