Meet Super Stylist Kathleen Macfarlane

Working on a bustling high street in Cleethorpes, Kathleen Macfarlane has built her client base over the last nine years and still does her very first hair extension client, along with her mum and cousin now too!  Now, find out her best tips and advice for your hair and life.


Tell us your favourite Remi Cachet product 

My favourite product would be the Ultra Tips, I find them quick to fit with amazing results for thickness and coverage even on finer hair. The mix of the colours are really good on these products too meaning I can get a flawless blend, also being able to have them removed and refitted regularly is a bonus for a lot of my clients!

What does it mean to be a Super Stylist? 

Being a Super Stylist sets me aside from other Remi Cachet users around my area for potential clients looking for the best place to go.  It shows my hard work has been recognised.

What's the best piece of advice for a client looking into hair extensions 

To be 100% certain on what you want! For the money client's invest in extensions, and with Remi Cachet hair lasting for 9-12 months, you want to be sure on what method, length and hair type you want before fitting.  Always look at before and afters, including images of underneath to show the actual fitting and colour blending with the hair straight (not finished).   Let me show you an example here ...


As soon as the root stretch colours became available I was dying to use them!  Here  I have used colour 2-8 in 20" Flat Tips to create this for my client's second set of hair. It is amazing what a difference having the darker root makes and using half bonds along the top row made the extensions so discreet!

Tell us about a client transformation, where extensions really have changed their life 

I have had so many clients that have said their hair has changed their life whether it's been after chemotherapy, damaged hair from colour or inexperienced extensionists or just always had thin hair.

The one that stands out the most is a client who lost all her curly thick hair after having chemo for breast cancer, her hair grew back super straight and really fine so we added 50 half bonds all over to thicken her hair and she now doesn't need extensions as the thickness has returned after a few years of wearing the bonds.

What tool/product can you not live without?

My ring light! This is my new favourite tool and I have to use every time for all my photos. It's amazing what proper lighting can do for your finished look.

Any niggles about the hair industry you would love to change?

I would love for people to realise what hard work it is in this industry! It's not a Monday to Friday job, it's 24/7 and hard to balance work and home life. Constant training and improvement are needed to ensure you keep your clients happy and still gain new clients. You most definitely need to love your job to stay in the industry.


And on a Personal Note ...
What’s your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is live music and I love rock/metal which everyone is always so shocked at. I have been so lucky to see a massive amount of bands including the likes of Metallica,  AC/DC, Slash from Guns N Roses, Motorhead but then I've also seen sets from the likes of Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and for those who I'm too young to have seen I have been to loads of tribute acts such as The Beatles, Elvis, T-Rex, Roy Orbison. I grew up with parents that loved music and hopefully, my son will appreciate all the music he has to listen to when he's older!

On a rare day off, what do you love to do?  It is very rare for this job that we have full days off!  Mine always consist of answering messages/booking appointments and/or accounts. However, on a free day, I usually head to the gym and spend time with family or friends I don't get to see very often.

The mantra you live by  "If it's meant to be, it's meant to be!" -  Ken Macfarlane aka Dad

Any work goals  I have recently finished my Level 3 Educator Training and writing courses for already qualified extension specialists to improve their work. The subjects I want to cover are improving fittings, cutting and blending the extensions, finishing the hair for those important social media photos and also social media itself, how to get the best out of it for your business. This is going to take a few years to complete but it's something I am very passionate about and already held a few successful courses.

Follow Kathleen on Instagram @love_extensions to see more examples of her great work.






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