Meet Super Stylist Kieran Fleming

Working with Remi Cachet hair from the early days, Super Stylist Kieran Fleming has devoted clients for his extension work.  Here, he shares his passion for hair extensions, the wonderful world of hair and his obsession with black.    Read on...

How would you describe your style of work?  I'd say my style of work is more classic and natural. Most of my clients aren't going for mega length or crazy colours, unfortunately 😂.

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What’s your philosophy for good hair extensions?  Good hair extensions require excellent aftercare, getting into that routine of washing, styling and maintenance is key.
You’ve done a couple of different salon set-ups. Which do you prefer?  I started my career in a salon, then on my days off and some evenings I would offer hair extensions as we didn't offer them as a service in the salon. But then I found I didn't have any time for myself so I decided to set up my own salon, freeing up my evenings and a couple of days, which was much needed.  After 3 years I decided I wanted a bigger salon, employ more stylists. So that's what I did.  After another 3 years, and difficulties finding the right stylists, I decided to look for somewhere smaller.  Not quite finding what I wanted,  I'm now in a space within a salon but with our own room.  It's still my own business and brand that I have built up, it's in a great location for my clients and with low overheads, it's just perfect for me right now.  I work with my assistant Nikki who covering all aspects of hairdressing in fact, she practically runs everything for me, answering the phone, booking appointments. I'd be lost without her.
Have you got a favourite product to work with?  My favourite product is Cloud 9 Magic Potion, as it cuts down the blow-dry time, detangles, UV protection, heat protection all in one.
What's your most asked question about extensions?   I get asked all the time if hair extensions damage your hair. NO! Bad application and poor aftercare are why your gonna get damage. I always show photos of my clients who wear extensions continuously to show the growth and no damage.
If you weren’t a hairdresser, what would you be? I'd probably want to do something in the fashion world - saying that I'm always in BLACK anyway.
What’s in your essential kit bag?  This would contain Cloud 9 Magic Potion, my Dyson Hairdryer, boar bristle brush and a Diva Pro Styling Tong.
What can you not live without?  I couldn't live without music, have it playing constantly - in the car, at the salon, in the shower. Concerts are a huge thing for me too. I've been to about 6 so far this year!  Jay Z and Beyonce were my fave!!
As a previous finalist at HJ Extension Competition, will you be entering again?  I'm still undecided on whether to enter this year as I'm trying to find the right model.  I've entered the past two years coming Highly Commended (runner-up) and was a finalist in last years comp.
When you meet a new client for a consultation, what one thing do you really want to know about them.  I always want to know about new clients' routine, whether extensions fit in with their lifestyle or if they're willing to make a change to look after them correctly.
Who’s hair work do you really admire? I love Sophia Hilton and everything she's doing for the industry! Her colour work is amazing!! Wish my clients were more daring! Pretty much love everyone's extension work at Inanch too, and extension specialists   Roberto Silva and Lee Mc Crudden.
Money & Time no object - what would you do?   I would love to travel the world, just take a couple of months off to travel.   Then, home and treat myself to a Range Rover Sport - in black, of course!

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