Meet Super Stylist Stephen Hopper

Our founder, Victoria, called in on our Super Stylist in Alnwick last month and gave him a chance to answer our burning questions. Meet Stephen Hopper, the talent behind Hairess Manes.

"His quality of work is outstanding in terms of his application and finish. The salon is very current and Stephen is on the ball when anything new is on trend and he applies this to create the best experience for his clients. It was great to visit and see the salon in person - Stephen is smashing it!"  Victoria Lynch


How would you describe your style of work?
Natural glam with a hint of OCD 😂

Tell us about your new salon and the vibe you have created.I moved into my salon almost a year ago now, with the initial vision of creating a town centre hub unlike other hair and beauty salons in the area. I wanted a salon which hosted industry specialists in their fields, all working in harmony under one roof. I have recently extended the salon into the upper level, creating two new ‘Hairess Hub’ treatment rooms, a waiting area and a nail bar - adding to the team an expert nail technician who has moved up from Manchester and a new team member starting in a couple of weeks specialising in spray tanning and waxing. Our Hub also hosts regular dermaplaning clinics and days with an MUA. I am always looking to bring new things to the area so I have a lot of new things up my sleeve, Alnwick is such a small town and is a bit behind the times in some ways!

I was previously renting rooms in other salons, which were always so dark and dingy, so I wanted to keep the salon bright and minimal whilst staying on brand with our botanical theme. We have huge sash windows, which are amazing in the summer and the perfect spot for clients to people watch with one of our branded coffees.

Alnwick - where’s good to go?  
Alnwick is in the heart of Northumberland, so we have the beauty of the coast and countryside right on our doorstep, but for sights there is Alnwick Castle (Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films) and Alnwick Gardens, which actually houses the largest treehouse in Europe.

As an extensionist, what do you find the hardest part about doing your job?
At the moment, it is that I am a one man band, so every aspect of the hair extension part of the business is done solely by me - from social media, to advertising, fittings, messaging, accounts. I never switch off! But it is my baby and I am a control freak, so I wouldn’t have it any other way, although I am learning to step back from a few tasks.

Have you got a favourite product to work with?  
My favourite method from RC to work with has got to be a weave. I love that you can add more hair into a smaller surface area with such a natural finish.


Most asked question about extensions?
Can you come and style my hair everyday?!

If you weren’t a hairdresser, what would you be?  
As a child I really wanted to be a zoo keeper when I grew up so I could have otters 🙈😂, but now it would probably be something to do with property or interior design. I absolutely love it! Coming from a design background pre-hair, it would have to be something creative.

What’s in your essential kit bag?
At the moment it's the Hot Tools Curl Bar. It's so versatile with the interchangeable heads. It is ideal for all my clients and the timer element is a god send!

What can you not live without?
PIZZA IS LIFE. Oh, and Ibiza. I have been every year since 2008 and was lucky enough to live there for 3 summers.

When you meet a new client for a consultation, what one thing do you really want to know about them?   
I want to make sure they are going to follow the aftercare! It is essential to the longevity of their extensions, and I always say a good set of extensions is 30% fitting, 70% aftercare.

Shout out who’s work you follow.   
Chris Appleton. Apart from the fact that he is dreamy as, his work is always stunning. If you don’t already follow him then check him out!

Have you had any particular experience (life or hair) that has shaped you as a hairdresser?  
I have always worked since I was 12 year old and always been so independent that this has definitely given me the drive to succeed. I am a very goal driven person, so I set myself targets every few months and I always take time to reflect on how far I have come.

Money/Time no object - where would you go on holiday?
I would love to travel the world and see every country. I always try and go to at least one new country every year. I have a very long way to go and my bucket list grows by the day 😂


If you are not already following Stephen, we can highly recommend his Instagram feed for all the hair extension inspiration you need.




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