Meet Super Stylists Chantelle Hussein

We caught up with Unbeweavable Hair's Chantelle Hussein to learn about her beautiful work and what she likes to get up to away from the salon chair.   Read on ...

Tell us your favourite Remi Cachet product & why
I know it’s not actually a product as such, but the hair extension Tangle Tamer brush is amazing. I use it and tell all my clients to use it too. There’s lots of others out there but this one is definitely the best. It’s gentle and soft – perfect for natural hair and extensions.

Best piece of advice for Application
I have a few…

  1. Always make sure your hair is the exact colour you want before coming to have your consultation, this is the only way it can be matched properly.
  2. Do some research into the thickness and length you want beforehand and also research the extension specialist – make sure they’re qualified and that you like the look of their previous work.
  3. Finally - remember there will be maintenance every two to three months – if you go without, your hair WILL become damaged - end of.

How does it feel to be Sam Harvey’s 'go to' extensionists?
Fabulous. She’s such a lovely humble girl. A lot of people idolise her and try and get their hair to look like hers, so it’s great to be behind this!

Tell us about a client transformation, where extensions really have changed their life
I’ve had multiple clients that have worn clip-ins for long periods of time (years) and not realised that those specific clips-ins are too heavy for their natural hair, which has caused terrible damage – to the point their hair was breaking, and they didn’t want to leave the house. I assessed their hair and applied the right weight of hair and their hair has grown back naturally too.

I love seeing how this can give girls their confidence back.

Can’t live without tool
GHD soft curling tong. It gives a variety of different curls, and it holds for long periods of time. It reaches the perfect temperature. I use it on all of my clients – everyone asks for the big bouncy curls when they leave the salon.

Tell us a little about your salon, ambience, client base, other brands, location etc.
At the moment, it’s quite small and intimate. It’s just outside of Colchester in Essex. I love French style so my décor is very chateauesque. I love Yankee candles and my favourite is lemon lavender or vanilla lime – they’re both so calming. I think it’s very important that the salon experience is a relaxing one and I try and have candles burning and music playing in the background. I have my own products – serum, shampoo / conditioner, leave in conditioner and fixing spray. I also love The Ouai wave spray – which is Jen Atkins’ range.

Any niggles about the hair industry you would love to change?
I’d love to see hair extension courses for qualified hairdressers only. It’s important to have the right training and experience when you’re looking after something so important and personal to people.

Let's have a peek at some of your work

Chantelle Hussein before and after

And just a few final personal questions.
What’s your guilty pleasure?
Online shopping, I love having a scroll through the sites and finding some little bargains. But, afterwards I always feel a bit guilty for having spent so much money! I also have a weakness for hot cross buns… They’re the best, I pretty much love anything you can put in a toaster.

On a rare day off, what do you love to do?
I love walking my dogs (my two miniature dachshunds, Reggie and Ronnie), getting my nails done and answering enquiries. Oh, and more online shopping.

Mantra you live by or best piece of advice you have ever been given
Don’t look for happiness create it! I also think the little things in life are really important – like looking after the ones you love and making sure you have some time for just you, doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

My brother always gives me lots of good advice, and my Mum, they’re my soundboards – but I can’t think of anything specific right now!

I’ve also always loved the saying “go hard or go home”, it’s my business mantra.

Any goals for 2018
I’d love to open my own salon, but I think it’s quite ambitious for 2018. I’d love to build up my own team too and one day start my own training programme. I dream big!

I’m looking forward to travelling a bit more too – there’s some European city breaks I want to go one (my first one is Barcelona in May). I’m also in the process of buying my first house, which is pretty exciting! It’s already shaping up to be a big year.


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