Overview of Exclusive by Remi Cachet®

Exclusive by name; exclusive by nature.   Exclusive by Remi Cachet is our highest grade of hair extension and will only be distributed through their exclusive chain of Super Stylists. Remi Cachet has also gone one step further and attained exclusive agreements direct with the Indian hair temples to secure the finest quality hair in a good supply.

Launching with two hair wefts initially; the range is now extended to include our other popular application methods of Mini Tips and Flat Tips.

This Exclusive Range use ethically sourced Indian hair, as many believe this to be the very best quality. Blending beautifully with western hair with a natural wave and strong healthy structure, which allows the extension to last over 12 months with good care; creating truly enviable hair.

Indian hair is donated at temples as part of a religious ritual known as ‘tonsuring’ where Hindu’s shave their heads in offering the gods. This hair is then sold for various uses, with hair extensions being the biggest commodity.

With quality paramount, the hair is carefully processed and monitored so that only the very best hair makes it to the Exclusive range.

The privileged Super Stylists are experienced extensionists approved by the brand for excellence in extension application and they can attain Super Stylist status for each of their five application methods.