Elegance Pro Tips®

Launched at Salon International 2018, the Pro Tips® is a smaller micro ring to the popular Ultra Tips®.    The patented design is a unique shape for the tip to lie completely flat to the natural flow of hair, and these smaller sized tips allow extensionists to apply them discreetly to hairlines where the larger bonds might be seen.   The Pro Tips® will also be a suitable alternative to those with super fine hair.

Like the Ultra Tip®, the benefits of this type of bond includes reusability without the need to ever re-tip the hair and the extension tip is not affected by heat or product damage.     They are fitted using the oval-shaped Ultra Lock® and work similarly to our Mini Tip® & Mini Lock® system.

Key Information:
LENGTHS:  16" and 20" lengths
HAIR SOURCE: 100% Human Hair of Russian-Mongolian source
HAIR QUALITY: Remi Hair, Double Drawn
BOND: Pro Tip® with Ultra Lock®
PACK: 25 strands per pack, 16g pack
MAINTENANCE: Regular checks and refit after approx. 3 months
LONGEVITY: +12 months with correct care & maintenance

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