Luxury 30″ Weft

This unique Luxury Weft is 30" length for those Rapunzel wannabes.   Made with hand-selected 100% Chinese human hair to create these hand-made wefts for that statement long locks.

Limited colours available at present.

The weft tape is securely sewn into the hair at the top, doubling it over to prevent shedding. The weft can be attached in a couple of ways but your stylist; the most common methods include braiding, sewing or with an adhesive.

If using the adhesive, we recommend washing the weft tape prior to application to ensure a good grip.

Key Information:
HAIR SOURCE: 100% Human Hair from China
HAIR QUALITY: Remi Hair, Double Drawn
BOND: Standard Weft Top
PACK: width approx. 36", weight 100g
MAINTENANCE: Appointments every 6-9 weeks for refit
LONGEVITY: up to 9 months with correct care & maintenance

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