Master Parting

The Master Parting is a hairpiece specifically designed for hair loss and hair replacement.

As part of their most popular range, the Elegance hair is 100% human hair sourced from Russia and Mongolia and hand-selected to be the finest hair which lasts up to 12months with good care.   The hairpiece is handmade, and the hair is injected into the monofilament top with clips added as one option for fitting.  Other methods include removing the clips to stitch to a lace system or closure system, or to work with micro rings to secure the piece in place.  The application method would depend entirely on the client’s issues and the best method for them.

Read more from our founder and creator of the Master Parting in our blog.

Key Information:
HAIR SOURCE: 100% Human Hair of Russian-Mongolian source
HAIR QUALITY: Remi Hair, Double Drawn
BOND: Monofilament Base
PACK: 90-110g depending on length
LONGEVITY: +12 months with correct care & maintenance

Professional Product - TRADE ONLY
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