Statement ponytails are always on trend and our 150g weight 24" length ponytail will instantly create that signature look.    With top wrap around of hair to discreetly hide the attachment velcro and finish off the look.

Our hairpieces can be worn as everyday items, or for occasional use and can be used to add more hair to help create stunning updos.  As the hair is 100% Human Hair it can be treated just like your own hair and styled with hot tools for sleek and curl do's.


Key Information:
LENGTHS:  24" length
HAIR SOURCE: 100% Human Hair of Chinese source
HAIR QUALITY: Remi Hair, double drawn
BOND: Comb grip and velcro strip.
PACK: 150g
LONGEVITY: +12 months with correct care & maintenance

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How to attach your ponytail:

  1. Secure your own hair into a tight ponytail.
  2. Using the comb grip in the centre of the lace top, place this into your hairband underneath the ponytail and wrap the lace top of the extension around your ponytail using the velcro strip.
  3. Take the longer side section as a wrap-around for the base to disguise the fastening.
  4. Secure the end of the wrap around in place with a kirby grip.

Watch our short video showing you just how quickly you can apply your ponytail and three quick styles to try.