Portfolio Category: Hair pieces

Master Parting

The Master Parting is a hairpiece specifically designed for hair loss and hair replacement. As part of their most popular range, the Elegance hair is 100% human hair sourced from Russia and Mongolia and hand-selected to be the finest hair which lasts up to 12months with good care.   The hairpiece is handmade, and the hair…
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Clip In Deluxe

NEW 2019 Edition - new slimline Polyurethane Top Our Remi Cachet Clip-In Deluxe Hair Extensions are produced using the highest quality 100% human remi hair.  They weigh in at a whopping 150g over 3 pieces, specifically designed to give you super thick luxurious hair in minutes.  We recommend 1 pack to create a full head.  Perfect…
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Wavy Wrap

The Wavy Wrap is the first 100% human hair wrap in the market and is made from the Luxury hair range of Chinese AAA* grade hair in six-inch lengths and on a band to easily wrap around your hair help form a perfect bun.  Being human hair, the Wavy Wrap will be able to be…
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