Tip remover

We recommend getting professional removal for your extensions so that this can be done with the correct products and tools and safely.  This may be important if you want to re-apply the hair and also they will be able to advise you on the best time to remove the extensions.  Ask your stylist at your consultation if the price includes removal or what, if any, are the additional charges for this.

The biggest issue for removal is hair matting and this is why it is so important to take good care of your extensions to prevent matting. Read more in our Hair Care Tips page.

We recommend our Prestige &  Elegance Range lasts up to 9 months wear and the Luxury range up to 6 months but you need to reapply the extensions as your hair grows and as part of a good maintenance regime.

Each application method has a different removal process so here’s our quick guide for you:

Italian Keratin Bonds (Flat, Stick and Nail Tip pre-bonded extensions applied with Hot or Cold Fusion) require the Nail Tip remover and removal tool to break the bonds down before sliding down your hair.  Your hair will need brushing through to remove any debris and washing thoroughly before re-application.   Watch our quick video Order your Remi Cachet Tip Remover online to see for yourself.

Mini Tips™ using Mini Locks and Ultra Tips™ with Ultra Locks use micro pliers to gently squeeze the Locks to release the ring; the extension and lock will gently slide down the hair causing no damage. 

Weft Hair extensions require a handheld unpicker tool, the sewing is gently unpicked and the weft simply falls away.  Alternatively, those applied in the Hollywood Weft method will also use need to release the locks as above. 

Tape Hair is removed using an adhesive removal gel applied to the tape tabs for a few moments before peeling apart.

After removal, always wash & brush your hair thoroughly to remove any residue from the products.