Six steps to getting your hair extensions

If you are looking to get hair extensions to sort your hair woes, and not sure where to start, then here's our guide to finding the right hair extensions for the hair you have always wanted. Follow these six steps with everything you need to know before you buy.


It’s fundamental to find the right extensionist. As Super Stylist Denise Hopwood explains "Make sure that your comfortable with the hair extensionist who is going to be fitting your hair extensions. Having a good relationship with them is going to be is so important as you’re going to be there for a few hours."

You can search for your nearest extensionist on our Find A Stylist and maybe check out our Super Stylists too. Before you contact them, it's worth checking them out a little first. It's an excuse to head to your favourite social media channel! Maybe see if they already work with the particular type extensions you want, for example, if they apply wefts or are mainly pre-bonded extensions.

When looking at their work, check they have plenty of hair extension work examples and if they have any #LiftTheLids to check their application work is tidy. If they are newly trained, check that their training has been HABIA approved to ensure that it has been thorough. You might find client reviews useful too.


A thorough consultation is essential, especially if this is the first time you have worked with this extensionist so that they can really understand what you are looking for and if you are suitable for hair extensions. We provide Consultation Forms to guide the extensionist through a series of questions looking at your health and lifestyle to ascertain the best extension options for you.

It is important that you answer the questions honestly so that the extensionist can guide you and give you their best advice. These forms are the agreement between yourself and the extensionist.

The consultation will look at the different types of application methods, hair quality, hair colours and what style you are looking for, especially if this is for a special event like a wedding, to determine the length and quantity of hair you need.

Super Stylist Chantelle Hussein has three useful top tips you need to consider here and do your research. Bring this to your appointment to talk through with your extentionist, especially those Instagram and Pinterest hair goals you've been saving! Also prepare a list of questions as it's your chance to really find out the answers and if you've not seen any examples of their work, now is the time to ask!

Finally the consultation will give you a price and go through the next steps including aftercare and maintenance so you know what you are committing to.


We've talked about #LiftTheLid campaign so you can see what a good set of extensions should like underneath as fundamentally this is the hairdressers skill that might be all covered up with an amazing 'after' photo, but you need to delve deeper to know that the extensions are applied correctly and will not cause you any issues.

Good application looks very different per application so do your research. A couple of pointers you can look for are clean and clear sections with no crosshairs; and small neat bonds in an orderly pattern (not random!).

Here's a few examples:


To get the most from your hair to always look gorgeous and so that it will last up to 12-months, you need to take good care of your hair. It is really important that you follow our Aftercare Guidelines and use our aftercare range of products and brushes. Using products you think are compatible with extension because they are from another brand, or because they claim to be 'Sulphate free' does not mean they are suitable for our hair extensions.

Please do not listen to those who say: “Hair extensions ruin your hair!” they don't when applied correctly by experienced professional hair extension specialist and followed the aftercare advice given. It's that simple! - Super Stylist, Katrina Scott

If you are heading off on holiday, don't forget to get your extensionist to go through some additional aftercare information with you. You might also want to invest in some Malibu C for your travel essentials to help protect the hair and also to restore if the hair becomes discoloured.


Returning to your extensionist regularly for maintenance is crucial. Not only will your extensions need adjusting and re-fitting as they have grown down, but your stylist can check your home aftercare regime and help rectify any issues for you.

Your extensionist will tell you how often you need to return for maintenance, depending on your hair growth, type of application and also how you are finding caring for your hair. If your hair is becoming matted between your scalp and bonds, they will be able to help resolve this as you.

Want to know what a real maintenance appointment looks like, check out our preivous blogs by Super Stylist Abigail Nicholls sharing her work for Wefts and Ultra Tips.



We've all heard those scare stories of hair extensions pulling their hair out. This can be avoided with a combination of expert application, good aftercare, and maintenance, as well as professional and safe removal. Taking your extensions out with care will benefit your hair, causing less stress.

It's great to see a hair story when your own hair is not only longer once your hair extensions are removed, but also super healthy underneath. Here's a recent story from Super Stylist, Stephen Hopper:

A little hair growth story 👏🏽 . My lovely client @beckysarahlee came to me 21 months ago with hair that was super damaged from a deficiency and then a bad ombré job. Her hair was virtually see through from the nape of the neck downward with a lot of snappage but the first 3-4” were perfectly healthy and strong enough to apply strands to. . We have used 2 sets of 12” @remicachet Elegance mini tips over that time to help Becky’s natural hair grow to a great length but also bring back that much needed thickness! Becky has been an excellent client, returning every 8-10 weeks for refits as recommended and following the correct aftercare. . Extensions get such a bad rep so this is a big FUCK YOU 🖕🏽 to the haters who say extensions ruin your hair - We as extension tech’s can only do so much. If your extensions have been fit correctly and applied by a fully trained and insured professional and then YOU don’t follow the correct aftercare that YOU have been provided with, then that can’t be blamed on extensions! . I am so happy to be able to say Becky is now extension free! 👏🏽 We helped her with the task we were set all those months ago and now she can get the ends cut and no one would ever know what her hair has been through. . This story is job satisfaction to me, it’s why I adore what I do. Being able to help even just one person and reignite their confidence and put the smile back on their face makes all the hard work worth while 💛 Thank you Becky for putting your trust in me and coming back time and time again, I am so happy to have been able to help you on your hair journey xx . . . . #hairessmanes #Hair #hairgrowth #naturalhair #hairextensions #fuckinghair #hairstylist #blonde #brunette #love #longhair #shorthair #transformation #remicachet #longhairdontcare #alnwick #morpeth #berwick #hairextensionsnewcastle #newcastle #northumberland #bbloggers #hairdo #hairweave #minitips #superstylist

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Now, you've read our guide and know all you need to know before you invest in hair extensions, head to our Pinterest page to get some hair inspiration for your new look.

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