Super Stylist Quick Fire Round With … Joei D Fox

Our first US Super Stylists joined the ranks this summer and we couldn't wait to find out all about her and her salon, Sniptease.  Read all here ...

Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Joei D Fox I am 29 years old and born and bred here in New Jersey.  I am the proud owner of Sniptease Salon & Spa in Toms River, New Jersey. I opened my salon 7 years ago and I absolutely love it! I have worked with many celebrities and have had the opportunity to travel alot to work with them. I am certified in over 10 different brands of hair extensions as well as a Wella World Master color expert. I also have my own line of hair care products named Joei D Fox Products that I sell both online and in salon.

What inspired you to open a salon? I have always loved art. I knew very young I didn't want to work for anyone else and I wanted to create a completely different environment in my salon than I had ever experienced. I wanted it to be fun and unique.  I love being able to help my stylists grow and achieve all their goals, while making their clients' beauty dreams come true as well.

When did you start using Remi Cachet? I started using Remi Cachet a little over a year ago when I flew to London to work with the model, Lucy Logan. I fell in love with the quality and brand immediately and haven't stopped using it since!

Do you have a particular look that is most requested by your clients? Custom looks are my specialty, I could have an icy 24-inch extension blonde client in the morning and a rainbow unicorn hair client with funky layers next! I love it!

What’s your preferred application technique and why? I really believe the application really depends on the client and their desired look. All my clients I customize to their needs, some I even use more than one method.

What’s your favourite music to listen to in the salon? Mostly different rock varieties depending on the salon vibe that day

What is your all-time favourite film? I love the movie The Bronx Tale, and pretty much all horror films.

What’s your favourite thing you like to do in your downtime? Running a two-story 6,000 sqft salon and having an eight-year-old, downtime is very rare but I enjoy family days, motorcycle rides and attending education courses.

What is your guilty pleasure? I don’t believe in guilty pleasures as I think if it makes you happy don’t feel guilty.  But if I had to choose probably getting my tattoos which is like therapy to me and buying pretty much anything Alice in Wonderland that I see.

Most used emoji? ❤︎ or 👿

If we were to visit you in NY what’s your top tip to visit, eat and drink?  I'm always in NYC I love everything. I love to try a new hotel and restaurant every chance I get. I love a great rooftop bar at night!

Let's see some of her work

Color and extensions by Joei D Fox #sniptease #wella #extensions #extensionspecialist

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