Flying the flag for our Scottish Super Stylists, meet owner of Boni Hair in Fife, Katrina Scott.   She shares with us what it is that she really loves about her job, her favourite product and best advice.  Read on ...

We know you are Super Stylist for each of our application methods, so tell us your favourite Remi Cachet product & why.

My favourite fitting method is Hollywood Weave. This is the method I wear myself and it is favourite with my clients. I love it because it's low maintenance, you can achieve thick hair in short period of time and you can tie your hair up in a high ponytail or bun easily without noticing any attachments. Also the wefts are super thick, don’t shed hair and most importantly, the Remi Cachet wefts don’t cause itching like many other old type wefts.

What does it mean to be a Super Stylist?

It makes you stand out the crowd. I guess it is recognition of high standard of work produced and I am very honoured to be a Super Stylist!

Best piece of advice for a client looking into hair extensions

Do it!  It will bring out complete New You! Hair extensions are a real confidence booster and they  are easy to look after if you know how.    Please do not listen to those who say: “Hair extensions ruin your hair!” they don't when applied correctly by experienced professional hair extension specialist and followed the aftercare advice given. It's that simple!

Tell us about a client transformation, where extensions really have changed their life

Oh I have so many to tell you! One in particular that I vividly remember is when a client came to me because she needed her long hair back.   She was reaching 50 and as she sucomed to society pressure to have short hair when you reach certain age! So having cut her long hair short and was left absolutely devastated.  She hated it so much that was feeling very low and not her usual self.   So I extend her hair using Ultra Tip hair extensions, which she loved it. But the best response was seeing her walk in for her follow up appointment two weeks later when salon door opened, there was this confident, beautifully dressed woman with a big smile on her face. She was like a new woman, not the one who came for consultation. That just made my day, I changed someone’s life for better and that is why I love my job.

What tool can you not live without?

I have recently purchased tension pliers! Can’t believe I haven’t tried them earlier. Those are like heaven! No more sore hands!

Any niggles about the hair industry you would love to change?

I wish people would stop delivering 5-6 hour hair extension courses. You cannot possibly learn everything you need to know about hair extensions, aftercare, hair types and so on in such sort space of time. People go to these course and call themselves hair extension “Specialists”, then their clients come to us because their hair is a mess. I urge everyone who is looking to become hair extension technician, please invest your time and money into a decent course.

Let's see your work ... here's a  Mini Tips transformation using 20 inch colour #33 extensions.   I am a perfectionist; always strive for the best no matter what I do. It is the same when it comes to work. I give 110% and more to every client. Beautiful hair makes people happy! When you look good, you feel good!

And now on a more personal note personal note our quick fire round... 
What’s your guilty pleasure? Erm.. smoking. I wish I never started though. Been trying stop numerous times, but always seem to fall back in to this trap.
On a rare day off, what do you love to do? I love reading books and watching business related seminars; it has be something involving positive thinking and the law of attraction. I believe positive attitude is the key to happiness. You can always find a silver lining even at the darkest clouds.
What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given. My brother once told me: “Do not expect different results when doing the same thing over and over again.” He read it in some book and it's stuck in my head - I live by it now.
Any goals for 2018? 2018 is going to a big year for my business. I am absolutely buzzing!

I have just completed Level 3 Award in Education and Training course, the next step is to write a course work and content and get it accredited by HABIA. I am looking to open hair extension training course within my new salon. That’s at least I can do to battle this unregulated hair extension industry.

In mid March, I will be doing Hair Integration course with amazing Emy Hassan in London. There is a lot to learn and to take in, I will be in London all week. I am so excited as this is going to be completely new field for me! I will be able to help so many people who suffer from hair loss. This will be life changing for so many clients.

I am also in the process of creating a new salon to expand.   At somepoint, I need to find some time to  visit my brother in Oz too.

To keep up with Katrina and her work you can follow her social media: Facebook and Instagram.

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