Meet Super Stylist Maddi Young

The fashionista’s of Sunderland love the eccentricity of The Oraculum with it’s enchanted forest, sky ceiling and Alice in Wonderland theme. This city centre salon is where you will find our #SuperStylist Maddi Young working alongside the Cheshire Cat, Match Hair and, if you’re lucky, Alice herself.   With a tea party in full swing, we asked Maddi more about her bespoke colour creations with our hair and a surprising hidden talent we need to see!

Which celeb picture do you get asked to replicate the most? It used to be Cheryl Cole but now I get more pictures that they’ve found on Instagram and Pinterest. I think people love to see what 'real girls' can achieve with their hair and emulate that.  

What’s your preferred application technique and why? I've always been a Bond girl (pardon the pun and reference to Spectre!) but I'm absolutely in love with Remi Cachet Ultra Tips as they are so quick to fit and remove. My clients love the fact that they're so easy to re-fit so they don't ever have to go without their manes!

Have you got a favourite colour to work with?  Anything bright and creative; I do a lot of custom dyes, Remi Cachet hair is brill to work with and I've done some awesome purples, pinks, teals and even rainbow hair! Our clients have nicknamed themselves (and us) ‘The Mermaids.’ I also adore the balayage and ombré shades as they are such a popular look at the moment.  

What can’t you live without in your salon? Definitely the Tassimo machine haha! Lots of caffeine makes for a happy salon! Styling wise, I love using my wide plate GHDs for some bounce. 

What type of music do you love to listen to? We love our cheesy throwback Thursday playlist, I often have to keep my client's heads still when they're nodding along to some 90s classics!

What’s the furthest distance a client comes to visit your salon? I have some awesome regulars who travel up from Leeds, as well as a couple of girls who come as far as London. It's an absolute honour that my girls come all that way for their hair fixes. 

What’s your Saturday Night post work fix?  Saturday night is definitely date night. It takes a lot of time out to run a busy business so I love nothing more than a nice meal out and a cold Rum and Coke with the other half to wind down after a busy week.

Any hidden other talents?  I can hula-hoop really well haha, not sure how!

What’s your preferred social media channel clients can find more examples of your work?   I love Instagram because there are so many amazing accounts to get inspiration for colours and styles, as well as seeing all my girls' Saturday night selfies.

What’s next for your salon?  I would love to expand in the New Year. We only opened in March and won a Salon of The Year award in July. We have an amazing team who we would love to add to as well as offering even more services.

Show us your ‘Gorgeous Hair Is A Choice’ image. 

 Transformation by Super Stylist Maddi Cook

This is my absolutely stunning regular, Libby, wearing two Remi Cachet Super Wefts. They were colour #55 and custom dyed using Rusk and Crazy Colour. Libby is definitely my kind of client; she's always up for something dramatic and definitely head-turning! She loves loads of length and volume so the super wefts work perfectly for that.

Make sure you follow Maddi and her work on Instagram for some more gorgeous hairspiration.

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