Sustainability of our hair

SUSTAINABILITY - It’s THE buzz word for 2019, and here at Remi Cachet we are always striving to improve our products and services, and looking at ways we can be more sustainable. From improving how we work, making more efficiencies to reduce our carbon footprint, to packaging that will help the environment, and then, there’s our hair recycling scheme everyone can contribute to.


Our hair is 100% human hair and as such is a natural product that takes time to grow.  As such a great product, we recommend the hair will last 12 months with good care, but we actually hear of those with great care who manage to make a set look amazing for even longer.  Not only does this mean you get more value for money, but you will be bucking the trend of a throw-away society. 

And when you remove your hair, you can send the hair back to us for recycling so it can go on to save the world’s oceans too!


We’ve been making a few changes so that we can recycle more!   Here’s just a few examples:

  • Our Clip-In Deluxe box is now cardboard and fully recyclable. Even the labels are biodegradable too.
  • We encourage you to return the bespoke Pro Tips petri dishes so that we can re-use them again and again.
  • The Exclusive Weft is in a luxury box that can either be re-used (as it is so lovely) or recycled.
  • Our main range uses cardboard, which can be recycled, and the outer plastic sleeves have been swapped to be recyclable too! 

Then, there is the packing for our shipments, where we have banned the use of plastic and opted for a corrugated paper to help protect your goodies whilst in the mail.   This can then be recycled. 

We have also reduced our print materials to reduce wastage of our marketing.  

We will continue to look at ways we can improve our products, and plans are already in place to make our general packaging even better, but in the meantime, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve ourselves to be even more sustainable, then please get in touch

Here are a few simple switches you can do that will make a difference:

  1. Limit washing your hair to twice a week.   Not only is this better for the environment but for your hair too so that you don’t strip it of its essential oils in washing. 
  2. Love your hair, but want a new hue?  Well, there is no need to swap your locks as you can professionally colour them to the exact shade you want.  Or, keep the extensions safe and when you swap back, then you can simply re-apply them.  #wastenotwantnot.
  3. Head back to your salon for a refill of the Shampoo and Conditioner from their 1L backwash size to keep using your 250ml home care kit and 100ml travel set and to avoid the single-use concept or invest in the 1L yourself!
  4. Share the information about our Hair Recycling with your friends so they can get involved in this too.   With so much more recycling that can be done, here’s a great guide from Recycle Now to help you understand packaging a little more to see what else you could be recycling.

We will keep learning to make as many efficiencies as possible, and we hope you will join in to play your part too. 

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