What a real maintenance appointment looks like – Hollywood Weft®

Educator, Abigail Nicholls takes us through a recent Hollywood Weft® maintenance appointment from her salon so you can see underneath for yourselves.

Having applied one full and one half weft 24” in colour 6/22 using the Hollywood Weave application method; the client returned for her maintenance appointment after 11 weeks.

“I love the Hollywood Weave method as is really is the easiest method to maintain.”

In this first set of pictures, you can see the incredible hair growth. With the weft quickly unpicked, the middle image shows the rings still in a perfect track line across the head. Opening the lock and sliding them down the hair effortlessly removes the locks. The hair is then brushed to remove any trapped hair that has fallen naturally and is caught in the bond. With the removal complete, this final image shows absolutely no damage to the hair.

After a wash, blow-dry and a little extra colour work to stretch the roots further, Abigail was able to re-apply the extensions. First, the small, silicone lined microrings are applied in perfect rows, to create a track. These are evenly distributed with good support hair before re-sewing the weft onto the rings securely. The advantage of the Hollywood Weave method is that it spreads the weight and tension of the weft across the head, whilst lying really flat to the head. This is ultimately more comfortable for the client.

Regular maintenance appointments with your extensionist will ensure your hair extensions look their best and prevent damage.

Hollywood Weave training is available with Abigail and our other educators. Find out more here.

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