Hair Processing

We are really proud of our hair – for both it’s ethical sourcing and also for the way in which we carefully process the hair to ensure the hair is in the absolute best condition for you.  Here we take you through 5 stages to our beautiful hair.

  1. We start with the only the finest sourced hair.  Our Exclusive by Remi Cachet® and Prestige Range are both from India; our Elegance Range is sourced from the southern regions of Russia & Mongolia whilst the Luxury Range is from China.   Our professional team purchase hair in ponytail braids from raw hair markets. The main hair donors are women from remote areas who willingly provide their hair and are paid a reasonable price based on length, quality & density.
  2. We want only the very best for our Remi Cachet hair.   The raw hair is inspected at our factory ensuring the braid is intact, the cuticles all lie in the same direction; examining it’s strength & virgin state unaffected by chemicals.
  3. Now let’s process the hair: having cleaned and fumigated the hair, it goes through a gentle lifting process to remove the melanin before coloring.  This can be slow to avoid damaging the hair and especially when lifting to colour for a blonde hair. Hair remains remi by sewing it securely.
  4. Which colour do you want?  Hair is coloured into the desired shade and then drawn to remove the shorter lengths before being either tipped with a bond or sewn onto a weft.
  5. Double Quality Inspection: once packaged a specialist team in the factory check hair quality, hair colour, hair ratio, hair length, hair weight, hair handcraft etc.  Once arrived at HQ a further quality process randomly checks around 15% of each type and colour; against each quality point.   Only once the hair has passed these inspections are they available to buy.

Typically this processing can take between 5 to 8 weeks depending on the range & colour.   “All good things come to those who wait” as they say. Having said that we try our very best to keep our stock levels high to prevent out of stock situations.  Although this occasionally happens, we can often look to advise you of an alternative colour or when the new delivery is due.