How to become a Super Stylist

Have you got what it takes to be a Super Stylist?

Having created our Super Stylist scheme in 2015, we have grown this to be around our top fifty devoted stylists. Each year we asses the criteria and raise the bar to keep up with the progression of stylists to keep the number of Super Stylists around the same.


Criteria overview:

  • Application images for each method that you offer to approved by our training experts.
  • Minimum annual spend based on net value.   Remi Cachet stylists are able to check their annual spend when they log in to their online accounts.
  • Strong brand interaction, this will be in terms of social media, real-world events (attending Super Stylist events etc) and the opportunities that you receive as Super Stylists (editorial etc).

Here are just some of the benefits of being a Super Stylist: 

  • Personalised logo and certificate for your own promotion
  • Access to our Exclusive by Remi Cachet® range of products
  • Share new product development, as well as working with you to gather feedback and development to improve the products and support you receive
  • Invitation to our annual Super Stylists event
  • Share your work regularly through our social media channels on Remi Cachet & Additional Lengths
  • Regular opportunities for free PR
  • Invitation to join a private Facebook group to share ideas, increase communication and easy access to Additional Lengths/Remi Cachet management and marketing team.

Next steps

We monitor accounts financially and for brand interaction bi-annually.    We identify potential Super Stylists towards the end of each year and will invite them to join.

Current Super Stylists are subject to the same criteria to maintain their status and new Super Stylists are announced in the New Year.  Meet our current Super Stylists here and give them a follow.